Final Exam Information

Final Exam Information
Posted on 05/08/2019

Due to the high volume of students leaving early during final exams, we will NOT be accepting emails, faxes, or phone calls for students to leave campus early Thursday, May 23rd through Friday, May 31st.

Any student needing to leave early will need to bring a signed note from their parent/guardian to the Attendance Office, before school starts, and get their permit to leave.

If a parent/guardian note is not received before school begins, a parent/guardian will be required to come to the main office, show photo ID, and sign the student out. There will be a long delay in checking out students as we are unable to run permits to leave and interrupt exams once the school day begins. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

May 23   Attend 5th & 6th Periods 
              Test 7th & 8th Periods 
May 24   Attend 1st & 2nd Periods 
              Test 3rd & 4th Periods 
May 27   Student/Teacher Holiday  
May 28   Test 5th & 6th Periods – dismiss at 11:55PM
May 29   Test 1st & 2nd Periods – dismiss at 11:55PM 
May 30   Graduation Practice 9:00AM –11:30 @ VRHS
May 31   No classes for SENIORS 
June 1    Graduation @ 8:00PM @ HEB Center
9th, 10th, 11th Graders
May 27   Student/Teacher Holiday
May 28   Test 5th & 6th Periods 
               Attend 7th & 8th Periods 
May 29   Test 1st & 2nd Periods 
               Attend 3rd & 4th Periods 
May 30   Test 7th & 8th Periods – dismiss @ 12:40PM
May 31   Test 3rd & 4th Periods – dismiss @ 12:40PM
A Final Exemption does NOT exempt students from attending the class period. The expectation is that ALL students attend EVERY class regardless of whether they are taking a final or not. Absences will be unexcused without proper documentation (court note, medical note, etc). 

2018 2019 Final Exemption Requirements

*Early finals will NOT be given to any student without administrative approval.  
*Students MUST make arrangements to take the final during the summer if they are absent for the final. 

Finals Schedule for Seniors - 23rd and 24th

Finals Schedule - 28th and 29th

Early Release Bell Schedule