Attendance Hours Owed

Any student who does not attend 90 percent of the days a class is offered (excused or unexcused) will be required to make-up attendance hours. Students and/or parents will be notified of the hours a student owes and a plan will be developed with the administration on acceptable ways the student may make-up the hours owed.

VRHS has an hours owed appeals committee that meets regularly. If your student owes hours for any special circumstances (ie. medical procedures/surgery, etc.), please contact your
assistant principal to discuss the process and request an appeals form.

Click here for the VRHS attendance policy.

SENIORS click here to see if you owe hours (updated 05/10/2022).

UNDERCLASSMEN click here to see if you owe hours (updated 05/10/2022).

Click here to see how to make up hours.

Click here to print an hours owed tracking form. Please complete and return to Angela Stith in the Assistant Principal's office.

Please contact your Assistant Principal with any questions.